Embedded Systems & Software Developer


Embedded Systems and Software Developer . I have Master's degree in Embedded systems and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics. I like to combine technology, science, and art to create amazing Things.


  • Design and implement embedded software and hardware solutions
  • Develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Program microcontrollers (ESP32/ESP8266, Renesas, Atmega, STM32, etc.)
  • Create general software solutions (C, C++, Python, JS, Node.js, Java, etc.)
  • Web design and development (HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, etc.)
  • Design and technical documentation
  • And more. Contact me for details!

Work Experience

  • Solarnative GmbH 2022 to present
    Embedded systems & Software developer
    To create total independent energy system for people
  • Brandt 2020 to 2022
    Embedded System Engineer
    To create home appliances products
  • Mookhtabar 2017 to 2020
    Founder and Software Developer
    Startup For B2B technology solutions


I am writing about Technology, Science, Arts, my philosophies, and more subjects in WALID NOTES


Linkedin @walidamriou

Xing @walidamriou

Github @walidamriou

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