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I Specialize in

Electronics and Embedded systems

I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics and I am studying for a master's degree in embedded systems.


I love to coding, I know coding by C++, Java, C, VHDL ... I can use Matla, Netbeans,Atom, Arduino IDE, Scene Builder ..

Design UI/UX Softwares and Web

I have skills in design and application building, in part of my life I was a painter then developed my skills to become a designer, I designed many applications and wonderful things

I am a Writer

Since 2014 I am writing and blogging on the Internet, I do this to make the Internet a great place for everyone, I do this to help people understand a lot of issues scientifically, humanely and logically. I want to be more open, understanding and more cultured.

I am a Artist

Part of my life I live as an artist. The moment I play violin is very wonderful. It is a world quite different from logic, science and technology. It is a world that makes me express only through my musical instrument.

I love helping others

I was a leader of the paramedics In scouting at my Adolescence, I think that made me more courageous to help others to be good and best, I want to help societies and humanity.

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مشروعي غير ربحي، ومُموّل ذاتيًا، أنا لا أتلقى أي أموال حكومية أو من أي جهة كانت سياسية أو غيرها، كما أنّنا لا ألتمس ذلك. و بالإضافة للتمويل الذاتي، الذي يبلغ حاليا 99٪ من مجمل التمويل، أنا أعتمد على المساهمة الطوعية لمؤسسات خاصة وأفراد مثلك لتطوير المشروع وتحقيق أهدافه.

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