Embedded systems Engineer & Software developer


Embedded systems Engineer and Software Developer . I have Master's degree in Embedded systems and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics. I like to combine technology, science, and art to create amazing Things.


  • Design Embedded Software and Hardware
  • Programming microcontrollers (ESP32/ESP8266, Renesas, Atmega, STM32, etc)
  • Develop Software solutions (C, JS, NodeJS, Java, etc)
  • Web design and development (HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, etc)
  • Design & Documentation
  • Maybe more, contact me!

Where I have Worked

Solarnative GmbH 2022 to present
Embedded systems Engineer & Software developer
To create total independent energy system for people

Brandt 2020 to 2022
Embedded System Engineer
To create home appliances products

Mookhtabar 2017 to 2020
Founder and Software Developer
Startup For B2B technology solutions


I am writing about Technology, Science, Arts, my philosophies, and more subjects in WALID NOTES
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