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why we can't recreate the same moment ? this is true ?

All the people have a big memory in the heart, I don't specialty the memory but I need get feeling about what I'm writing now.

 In science we can recreate the same phenomena physic by start with the same conditional for get the mathematics equations and building the tool for change the life of humanity to the best ( long road hh I know ). Now you ask your self what I'm talking about, I started with the memory and after that I'm talking about the science experiment, the wire connection between that is for recreate the memory, ok i know same thing we can't fixing because, is what the chaos theory do ( i writing about chaos in article ). I go back to the my idea I stoped in the wire connection between the memory in the heart and the science experiment, and the wire is why we can't recreate the same memory by get the same conditional by the same people ? if all the people have a memory in their hearts so that memory can recreate by the same people ( same times we can reproduction by the same people ), we can do this.So if have best moment with video game in your past, you can reproduction this moment by buy the same video game you played. Don't just stop and feeling sad, you can recreate your moment of love, the moment of the happy, just by looking around your mind.
So example if had fun time with your friend in the nature place, you can recreate this by thinking about what the principal conduction make this time to the best time in your memory! and after that call this conduction ( is like programming :D ) and recreate this moment, not all moment can recreate because same times the principal conduction we can't regenerate so we can't recreate the moment, it the some problem in the some phenomena physic or exactly the big big phenomena.
Not stop here we can make other best moment crash the best moment in the memory :D you have the tools for make your the happiness, just get the principal conduction.

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