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Mozilla IoT WebThings Workshop 1 - M'sila, Algeria 2019

About the event:  

   Workshop to Learn about the Internet of Things and practical implementation of Mozilla IoT WebThings project with Raspberry pi and ESP32 and other boards, we will talk about (Mozilla, IoT, Mozilla web things project, Electronics, Embedded systems, Technology, the future of the technology and more), we will make a simple project for testing Mozilla IoT webthings project.

   It was an amazing event, I have met the developers and students of M'sila City, I have talked a theoretical part of IoT and WoT and Mozilla projects of this field. and after that, I make a real test of the Mozilla IoT WoT project by Raspberry pi 4 model b as a gateway and ESP 32 and ESP 8266 as things (we programming the things using platfromio with Arduino Library of Mozilla WoT project). all the tests succeed and the attendees see how we can make a smart home by Mozilla open source project of WoT.  

- Mozilla Web things project: https://iot.mozilla.org/

- Learning Internet of Things book By Peter Waher that I used in the theoretical part: 


the other sources in the slide. 

  •  Speakers: 
Walid Amriou

  • This event in Mozilla reps website: 

  • Date:
Saturday 14 December 2019 ( 9:00 am to11:00 am )
Maimon Hajj Youth House, M'sila City, M'sila, Algeria

  • Registration link: 
The registration closed 

  • Schedule (Event program):
09:00-09:10 Talking about Mozilla Foundation
09:10-09:30 Talking about the Internet of things and web thing projects
09:30-10:00 Talking about Mozilla IoT web things project
10:00-10:15 Talking about the test, the tools, and more that we will use
10:15-10:25 How to make Mozilla web thing gateway by Raspberry pi
10:25-10:40 How to make a hardware thing by ESP 32 and connect it to Gateway
10:40-10:50 How to make a hardware thing by ESP8266 and connect it to Gateway (multi things experience)
10:50-11:00 Open talk

In the event, we have continued it until 12:00

  • Sliders: 
  • Photos: 
click here

  • They said about the event:
- Aminou Inoussa Habib: I would like to greet the organizer of Mozilla IoT WebThings workshop Walid Amriou. As a developer, I discovered the world around embedded systems and their application in real life. I am satisfied and impatient for another workshop. Thank you."

- Rodwan Gharbi: "The event was at the level of our aspirations in the field of Internet of Things and it increased our private knowledge expansion, and the important thing in this event is to carry out a practical experiment on the subject"

Ahlam baadji: "Thank you for accepting me in this workshop and for this huge amount of information, a new and wonderful topic for me that I will delve into more deeply, God willing, it was a workshop rich in ideas and information and I hope to organize another event soon and thank you "

- Hamza B: "It was very useful and it is very interesting to enter the field of IoT through its wide door"

  • Source codes of the small project:

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